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Natural and Dyed


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turkey rounds
Turkey Rounds

turkey marabou feathers
Turkey Marabou

tukey plumage
Turkey Plumage

turkey feathers natural
Natural Turkey Tails,
Wings and Plumage


TURKEY FEATHER ROUNDS are the secondary flight feathers from domestic turkeys. (The primaries are stiffer and more pointed). The feathers are about 10-12 inches in length. This is a versatile larger feather for a variety of craft applications. The shaft can be carved into a quill pen nib. The colorful feathers are also popular with children and can be incorporated into a number of costumes and play activity.

TURKEY MARABOU FEATHERS: The term "marabou" is a misnomer dating from earlier centuries.  The original feather was from the African Marabou Stork but it was found that the much easier to find and less expensive turkey down worked just as well. Strung turkey marabou feathers are light and fluffy with many decorative applications. The feathers are a natural white and take dyes brightly .Each feather is about 3-5 inches in length. Sewn together for ease in handling but individual feathers are easily detached from the string for individual use. turkey marabou is used for crafts, stage costumes, fly tying, puppets, dress trimmings, lingerie trimming, fancy slippers, handbags and millinery design. Marabou feather boas work very well for much of these trim type applications while the strung feathers are used individually or sewn into an application while strung.

TURKEY PLUMAGE: Turkey feather plumage is a very popular craft feather.  It is naturally white and so takes a dye very nicely. The feathers are called "t-base" and are about 3-5 inches in length with soft down on the bottom and an inverted triangle on top.

NATURAL TURKEY FEATHERS:  We are sometimes lucky enough to have these feathers in good supply as they come from a local farmer. They include the white tipped tail feathers, barred rounds, and some t-base plumage. The supply is seasonal so check back if they are out of stock at the moment.

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