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PHEASANT FEATHERS: Ringneck, Golden, Reeves, Lady Amherst, and Silver Pheasant Tail Feathers,
Decorator Mixes, Tippets, Trims, and other Pheasant Feather Items

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ringneck pheasant feather
Ringneck Pheasant
Tail Feathers

 Golden pheasant feathers
Golden Pheasant
Tail Feathers
and Red Tips

lady amherst pheasant feathers
Lady Amherst Pheasant
Tail Feathers
and Orange Tips

 reeves pheasant feathers
Reeves Pheasant
Tail Feathers

silver pheasant feathers
Silver Pheasant
Tail Feathers

pheasant feather decorattion mixes
Pheasant Feather
Decoration Mixes

 pheasant feathers damaged
Pheasant Feathers
Tails, Damaged

pheasant feather tippet pads
Pheasant Feather
Tippet Pads and Capes

 dyed ringneck tails
Dyed Ringneck
Tail Feathers

dyed lady amherst center tails
Dyed Lady Amherst
Center Tail Feathers

pheasant feather plumage
Pheasant Feather
pheasant feather pads
Pheasant Feather
pheasant feather trim
Pheasant Feather
 pheasant feather birds
Pheasant Bird
pheasant feather ornaments
Pheasant Feather


PHEASANT FEATHERS:   Lamplight Feather offers a wide variety of pheasant feathers for sale.

Pheasant tail feathers are popular decorative feathers with many uses in costume, fashion, craft and Millinery Design . Most of the pheasant feathers available to buy online are from ringneck, golden, silver, reeves, and Lady Amherst pheasants.  Useful tail feathers can range from popular hat feathers like red tips and orange tips to long reeves and lady Amherst  like those often seen in Aztec style dance costume headdresses. Ringneck pheasant tails  are available in dyed colors as well: red, yellow, black, green turquoise. magenta, orange, green, pink, gold and purple.

Ringneck pheasant and golden pheasant are popular tail feathers in the brown tones. They range from short 4-6 inch sizes up to 20-24 inch. Reeves (or venery) pheasant produce the longest and most spectacular of pheasant tail feathers with some up to 5 feet (1.8 m) long.  The Lady Amherst center tails are sometimes refered to as "zebra pheasant" because of the black and white striped pattern. They are dyed in blue, fuchsia, green, lime, orange, purple, red, and turquoise.

Pheasants provide some of the most interestingly marked and mottled natural patterned feathers for feather trim for fashion, costume, millinery and craft applications.  Loose craft pheasant feathers (plumage) are sold packaging and weight. This type of feather makes for attractive and durable feather earring designs

Read more about these colorful birds, their habits and native range on our information page About Pheasants


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