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The majority of orders to Lamplight Feather are prepaid via individual or business credit card accounts. To facilitate credit card payments, Lamplight accepts: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, AND DISCOVER. Our payment gateway is through Paypal
BILLING ADDRESS: When entering your credit card information on the Lamplight order form, please be sure to enter the BILLING ADDRESS in the buyer information. If the order is shipping to a location different than the billing address, please enter the shipping address in the correct section, not in the billing address section.
What is a CVV number? Please enter the CVV number in the correct place. This offers additional security to any credit card transaction.
SUBMIT THE ORDER with the final submit button. Your credit card payment will be accepted or rejected based on verification by PAYPAL Gateway.

Upon clicking on the "ORDER NOW" button at the last step of checkout, your order and credit card information will be processed. If your credit card is declined, a message will appear on the page with the reason why it was declined. If it is declined as a result of an AVS mismatch, please verify that the billing address information you are entering on the website is an exact match to the billing address information on file with your credit card issuing bank. If your card is declined as a result of the card code mismatch, please ensure that you are correctly entering the 3 or 4 digit code that appears on the front or back of your card (varies by card type). If your transaction is otherwise declined, please ensure that you have sufficient funds available in your account to complete the transaction, or contact your bank to inquire about any holds that may have been placed on your card.

Declined transactions may appear on your billing statement as pending transactions. Within 5 business days, your bank will remove these pending transactions from your account. Because the transactions were declined, they will never be posted or permanently charged to your account. Unfortunately, during that time that the bank is processing the pending transactions, those charges will be deducted from your account balance. These funds are not being held by, and may have their pending status removed only by your bank.


Lamplight Feather will accept payment by check or money order. However the order will not be shipped until payment is received and verified. The payment should be mailed to: Lamplight Feather, PO BOX 867, Fort Jones CA 96032. To pay with this option through this website, add the item(s) you would like to purchase to your shipping cart and go to check out. Once you have completed the buyer information, select OTHER PAYMENT OPTION in the payment section. IMPORTANT: PLEASE ENTER "check" or "money order" into the PAYMENT OPTION section if you choose this option. SUBMIT THE ORDER with the final submit button and mail the payment.


Lamplight Feather accepts PayPal payments. Our account is: [email protected] 

You will automatically be taken to Paypal Checkout if you have chosen PayPal as your payment method. Once you have submitted the order, please wait a moment before closing your browser, so your payment can be completed.

NOTE: E-checks take 7-8 days to clear, orders do not ship until they clear. To pay via PayPal, enter your items in your shopping cart as normal then go to CHECKOUT. Go to PAYMENT section and select "Other Payment Option". Please enter your paypal email in the payment option section. We will request the amount of the order from your paypal account within one business day. Once payment is confirmed your order will ship.



Lamplight Feather WILL ACCEPT purchase orders from PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS like schools, hospitals, federal or state agencies, cities, towns and a few others on a case by case basis. If in doubt, please call us at (800) 806-5149. To place an order by Purchase Order, select your items in the Shopping Cart then go to "Checkout". Fill in the requested order form information and in the "Payment" section select "Other Payment Option". IMPORTANT: please fill in "Purchase Order" the "Payment Option" section if choosing this payment option.
SUBMIT THE ORDER with the final submit button.
The original, signed Purchase Order must then be FAXED or MAILED to Lamplight. The order will not ship until the Purchase Order is authenticated. Payment is then due within 30 days of Invoice Date.

Credit Card Processing
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