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Natural Feather Plumage

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guinea feather plumage
Guinea Plumage

natural gunea plumage strung
Guinea Plumage Strung
2-3" length

 guinea feathers on tape 3-5"
Guinea Feathers on Tape
3-5" length
Special Buy!!

 blue peacock plumage
Iridescent Blue
Peacock Plumage

green gold peacock plumage
Peacock Plumage 

 golden pheasant red plumage
Golden Pheasant
Red Plumage

 golden pheasant gold plumage
Golden Pheasant
Gold Plumage

 golden pheasant bronze plumage
Golden Pheasant
Bronze Plumage
 lady amherst bronze plumage
Lady Amherst
Bronze Plumage

 lady amherst mix plumage
Lady Amherst
Mix Plumage

 lady amherst yellow plumage
Lady Amherst
Yellow Plumage

reeves phesant gold plumage
Venery/Reeves Pheasant
Gold Plumage
 ringneck pheasant almonds plumage
Ringneck Pheasant
Almond Plumage

 ringneck pheasant mix plumage
Ringneck Pheasant
Mix plumage

ringneck gold sides strung
Ringneck Pheasant
Goldsides - Strung 

ringneck pheasant blue almonds
Ringneck Pheasant
Blue Almonds - Strung  
turkey bronze plumage
Plumage - Bronze
 parrot plumage
Parrot Plumage
 partridge plumage
Partridge Plumage

Lamplight Feather carries a wide variety of natural feather plumages. Plumage are the body feathers of a bird and their uses range from making hat bands to  applying to garments, and their natural colors lend themselves nicely for jewelry such as feather earrings and arm cuffs.

Natural pheasant, guinea, peacock and parrot and partridge plumages are available from Lamplight Feather, with natural shades including green, brown, bronze, red, yellow,  blue, orange, gold,  gray and spotted black and white. The patterns on these feathers are beautiful and interesting, while each one is unique.

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