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FEATHER BOAS: Ostrich, chandelle and marabou

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Due to manufacturers dye lots, the nature of feathers and different browser settings,we cannot guarantee that colors or patterns will always match previous orders or photos exactly. If you are concerned, please call or email us.



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 marabou feather boa, medium
Medium-Weight 14gm
Marabou Feather Boa

marabou feather boa, heavyweight.jpg
Heavy-Weight 20gm
Marabou Feather Boas

 chandelle feather boa, medium weight
Medium-Weight 40gm
Chandelle Feather Boa

 chandelle feather boa, heavyweight
Heavy-Weight 120gm
Chandelle Feather Boa

 ostrich feather boa, 2 ply
2 Ply Ostrich
Feather Boa
 ostrich feather boa, 4 ply
4 Ply Ostrich
Feather Boas
 ostrich feather boa, 6 ply
6 Ply Ostrich
Feather Boa
 ostrich feather boa, 8 ply
8 Ply Ostrich
Feather Boa

Lamplight offers QUALITY feather boas in three types and a variety of thicknesses and weight. Customers should be wary of some boas who make their weight up by using heavier cord and sparser feathers.

MARABOU BOAS: The marabou feather is actually a turkey down under feather. The term "marabou" dates from the 19th century and originally referred to a similar feather from the African Marabou Stork. Domestic turkey marabou is white and takes a dye very well. Sizes are  medium-weight and heavy-weight. Popular fashion uses include trimming for garments, costumes and hats. They are sometimes called trim boas and are a popular costume, event,  and holiday decor item: white and ivory for wedding, green and red for Christmas, black and orange of Halloween, pastels for Easter, etc. Stocked in 20-25 colors.

CHANDELLE FEATHER BOAS: The chandelle feather is also a type of turkey feather: a turkey flat from the domestic bird.  Chandelle boas are light and fluffy with a larger diameter that the marabou boas. The medium-weight 40 gram is another style of trim boa with many of the same uses as the marabou boas. The heavy-weight 120 gram is a fashion boa for costumes, dressing up, parties, fantasy festivals and other fun events. About twenty colors are available, including two-tone black and white, black and red and turquoise and white.

OSTRICH FEATHER BOAS: These are the most luxurious and expensive of trim and fashion boas. Constructed with individual fibers from quality ostrich plumes woven in a cord core, they have a wonderful and delicate movement to them. Lighter weight 2 ply and four ply are used as trim in high end fashion and costume applications. The 6 ply and 8 ply are the finest feather boas commonly available. We stock these in about 15 colors including the popular white, red, black, hot pink and turquoise. We have 8 ply two tone stenciled ostrich feather boas in black and red, black and white, white and black, and brown and cream.

A "theater grade" ostrich feather is the very highest grade and must be custom ordered. We can take your order for theater grade. Call us for a quote.

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