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Rooster tail feathers, dyed and natural, chinchilla,
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coque feathers
Coque: Rooster Tail Feathers

stripped coque feathers
Stripped Coque
"Eyelash" Feathers
chinchilla coque feathers
Chinchilla Coque
Tail Feathers

half bronze coque feathers Half Bronze and
Bronze Coque
Tail Feathers


COQUE FEATHERS : Coque is a term for rooster tail feathers. Traditional Tahitian and Polynesian dance costumes use black, white, red, orange, gold, and yellow coque feathers up to 18” long.  Much of our rooster feather items are strung (sewn) and sold by the length as feather trim for costumes,  crafts, and other applications.  These include both dyed and natural varieties of saddle hackle and the similar but somewhat longer and denser schlappen feather. Recently there has been a lot of interest in a particular type of rooster hackle feather for use as hair feathers (see our section below for this type of item).

STRIPPED COQUE: Stripped coque is a bouncy feather sometimes called eyelash feathers. They are important millinery feathers and popularly used used in masks, crafts and fashion uses like feather fascinators.  White stripped coque feathers are popular as wedding feathers in such applications.

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