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Our company was founded in 1973 by Tony Hill, a professional fly tyer. We began selling decorative feathers as an attractive sideline while exhibiting at craft fairs, art shows, and outdoor shows. We went online with a variety of decorative feathers for sale in 2001 around the time Tony retired from fly tying.  Lamplight Feather is pleased to provide the best quality and service for online shoppers searching for decorative feathers for sale. Our feathers are used for costume, millinery, dance and fashion designs, home, office or event décor, craft projects, floral display, wedding and holiday decoration, feather earrings, and other creative uses.

PEACOCK FEATHERS: Natural peacock feathers are available for sale online in a variety of sizes and types.  These include full length, natural peacock eyed tail feathers, peacock swords, and combos of both in our popular decorator mixes.  White peacock are available seasonally. They are very much in demand for wedding decoration.   The dramatically marked peacock wing quills are attractive hat feathers while the green and blue plumage is among our most popular craft feathers. Peacock eyed feathers and herl (flues) are used in crafts, trim and fringe,  decorative ornaments, earrings, hair styling, costumes, and fashion applications. Read more about peacocks, their native habitat, and the unique properties of their feathers on our information page ABOUT PEACOCKS
DYED PEACOCK FEATHERS: Peacock feathers can be dyed over the natural feather creating an item called stem dyed . The white stem of the feather picks up the brightest of the dye color with the eye and herl tinted into attractive variations of color. Peacock eye tails and swords are also bleached producing a lovely light to dark ivory tone. The natural bleached feathers are popular as an ivory or light tan but are also dyed to stunning effect. Bleached and dyed eyed tail feathers and bleached and dyed peacock swords are generally available in fifteen colors:  red, black, gold, purple, lime, green, blue, pink, yellow, burgundy, brown, dusty rose, fuchsia, turquoise, and orange.

OSTRICH FEATHERS: Ostrich feathers are offered for sale online in natural, white, bright white, black and a wide selection of dyed colors. The term “ostrich feather” generally refers to “drab” or body feather for the ostrich. We stock this in five sizes from mini to over 22 inches. Drabs tend to have shorter flues and thinner stems than the plumes but the best of them can often rival the plumes in quality and length.
OSTRICH PLUMES : The larger “plume” feathers or wing plumes are  the natural white wing feathers of the adult ostrich. These gorgeous feathers are premium quality with long flowing side fibers called flues.
OSTRICH NANDU or NONDU is a popular decorative feather.  Nandu is trimmed from full size ostrich feathers either plumes or drabs priced according to length. We trim all our own nandu.   Ostrich feather boas are among the most elegant of fashion boas.  Lamplight maintains a wide supply of ostrich feather boas, feather trim, and ostrich feather fringe for our customers’ fashion and costume applications. More information about these unusual and interesting birds can be found on our information page ABOUT OSTRICHES.

PHEASANT FEATHERS : Pheasant tail feathers are popular decorative feathers with many uses. Most of the feathers in our online pheasant feather section are from ringneck,  golden, silver, reeves, and Lady Amherst pheasants.  Useful tail feathers can range from popular hat feathers like red tips and orange tips to long reeves and lady Amherst  like those often seen in Aztec style dance costume headdresses.  Reeves (or venery) pheasant produce the longest and most spectacular of pheasant tail feathers with some up to 5 feet (1.8 m) long.  Pheasants provide some of the most interestingly marked and mottled natural patterned craft feathers and feather trims and make for attractive and durable feather earring supplies. Read more about these colorful birds, their habits and native range on our information page ABOUT PHEASANTS

ROOSTER FEATHERS : The domestic rooster provides some of the most versatile of decorative feathers. Coque, stripped coque, strung saddle, strung schlappen, long thin hair feathers, craft feathers, and many types of feather trim are all rooster feathers. Natural and dyed versions of these are featured in a variety of sections throughout  our website. We have both long and short coque feathers as well as a nice selection of interesting strung saddle and schlappen  and other types of feathers for you to become as creative as possible with your costume, craft, and fashion creations.

COQUE FEATHERS: Coque is a term for rooster tail feathers. Traditional Polynesianand Tahitian dance costumes use black, white, red, orange, gold, and yellow coque feathers up to 18” long.  Much of our rooster feather items are strung (sewn) and sold by the length as feather trim for costumes,  crafts, and other applications.  These include both dyed and natural varieties of saddle hackle and the similar but somewhat longer and denser schlappen feather. Recently there has been a lot of interest in a particular type of rooster hackle feather for use as hair feathers (see our section below for this type of item).
STRIPPED COQUE: Stripped coque is a bouncy feather sometimes called eyelash feathers. They are an important millinery feather and popularly used used in masks, crafts and fashion uses like feather fascinators.  White stripped coque is a popular wedding feather.

: Feather trim or feather fringe has many clothing, fashion, millinery, and costume uses. Individual feathers are sewn onto a material strip or fine cord for attachment to a garment or other object.  Lamplight Feather is a full range online supplier of a wide variety of popular feather trim and ostrich feather fringe sold by the foot, yard, or more.  Peacock feather trim is available in natural eyed style or herl. We stock pheasant, guinea, chandelle, and rooster hackle and saddle trim in both natural and dyed. Many of our feather boas, including ostrich, marabou and chandelle,  make wonderful trims for costumes and are quite popular around halloween, mardi gras, and carnival times.  White and pastel trims are popular for wedding decoration and white, red, and green trim boas make lovely Christmas decorations .

: Over the years we have enjoyed seeing many of our ostrich feather fringe adorning high fashion creations on both the red carpet and performance outfits at the Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammies, and other fashion events. We try to remain well supplied in ostrich feather fringe trim at all times and generally stock over 20 colors.

: One of our broadest categories, craft feathers can include virtually any type, size or style of feather that we have for sale. Typically craft feathers are packaged, loose feathers of smaller sizes.  We carry both loose natural plumage and dyed plumage . Examples include peacock plumage, guinea feathers in both natural and dyed colors, duck cochettes, goose biots, turkey plumage, goose shoulder, satinettes, and coquilles, turkey marabou, small wing quills and many others. Craft type feathers are popular in feather earring design.

: Feathers can be an important traditional component in millinery and hat making for the professional and hobbyist alike. Here at Lamplight we always know when Kentucky Derby season is almost on us.  In this section we feature some of our popular millinery hat feather items including stripped coque, coque, feather trim, pheasant tail feathers, peacock, feather pads, small birds and others.  For the creative milliner this is only a sampler.  Please feel free to tour through the website to find that special item that satisfies your hat making vision.

: Something we  enjoy here at Lamplight is helping some of our customers plan weddings using our feathers. Many feathers lend themselves very well to wedding decoration ideas.  Brides and wedding planners will find a wealth of material among our online catalog pages to create their own unique style.  We have white ostrich feathers as well a white peacock feathers (limited availability) and an extensive selection of craft feathers, artificial roses,  fans,  trim,  boas, hackle, schlappen and much more. We're not limited to white, of course, but have many attractive feathers in pastel blues, pinks, ivory, lavender and other wedding theme colors.  Peacock theme weddings are quite popular. Our decoration mixes show off the natural peacock feathers in their brilliant coloration. Bleached peacock feathers can be used in their natural ivory or the bleached and dyed can be mixed in according to color theme. Mini peacock eyes or white "dove" type feathers can be enclosed in wedding invitations. Please give us a call for some ideas and expert advice if you are considering a wedding using some feather decoration.

: Lamplight Feather stocks a wide variety of artificial decorative feather birds. These are quite popular as CHRISTMAS TREE ORNAMENTS, holiday decoration, party themes, store window displays, and much more. Our line of artificial feather birds continues to expand and now includes peacocks, white feather doves, cardinals, blue jays, bluebirds,  parrots, macaws , pheasants, black feather crows, owls, hummingbirds, ducks , roosters, chickens, chicks and ducklings, penguins, sea gulls, storks, quail, partridges, pigeons, flamingos, and roadrunners. These well - crafted birds are a great addition to many holiday decorations. Halloween items like black bats, crows, owls, vultures and spiders are available year around.  ARTIFICIAL BUTTERFLIES
: We have recently added a line of exquisite feather butterflies with a lot of decorative uses in crafts, floral and wedding arrangements.  HALLOWEEN DECORATION like black bats, crows, owls, vultures and spiders are available year around.

:Lamplight's line of feather roses includes both open and bud styles as well as a mixed bouquet selection.  Colors include red, pink, white, black, and yellow.  Well made, durable and attractive.
FEATHER PADS : Feather pads are a decoration item with a fabric backing or material like cotton, muslin or felt. Individual feathers are glued to this in an attractive arrangement.  Uses are many and can include millinery applications, costumes, craft, fascinator bases. and others. Feathers used in creating pads include, rooster hackle, pheasant plumage, guinea, peacock, and goose nagoires among others.

: Lamplight offers QUALITY feather boas . Choices include medium-weight and heavy-weight turkey Marabou Feather Boas in a large assortment of colors. Uses include trimming garments and hats. We carry Chandelle Feather boas, made from turkey feathers as well, in medium-weight 40 gram and heavy-weight 120 gram. Many colors are available, including two-toned. Ostrich Feather Boas are very luxurious and have a wonderful flow to them. Several colors are available in 2, 4, 6, and 8 ply

: Our feather fans are constructed from marabou, ostrich, and peacock feathers. Marabou fans are availabe in both mini and larger, deluxe versions. The minis are available in either white or black but the larger style is available in over twenty-five colors including some mixed colors  like black and pink and black and orange, etc.  Marabou fans are also combined with peacock eye feathers to make a somewhat larger and very attractive fan. We stock four colors of an affordable medium size ostrich feather fan and two colors of the very large (and expensive) "Sally Rand" type of fan.

: In recent years feather hair extensions using a variety of mostly rooster saddle hackle feathers of the long, thin type became a very hot item for hair fashion and stylists. We have a very nice  selection of the most desirable and appropriate styles of these feathers.  Call us to discuss your best options for you particular hair feather ideas.  We can give you expert advice on hair feathers and hair feather installation methods and kits.

We have finally found a source for fake and artifical feathers. We now carry artificial peacock and pheasant feathers, as well as a white artificial feather arrangement with faux pearls. We will be adding more to this line in the future.

: Products, videos, tips and ideas using feathers and feathered products.

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